# Contributing

When updating the schema (links below), the tools need to be updated at the same time.

Schema links: EN10168 (opens new window) E-CoC (opens new window) CoA (opens new window) CDN (opens new window)


  1. Update the schema in question
  2. Generate the types (certificate.ts) using the create-schema-interfaces CLI tool (npm run fixtures:interfaces) in the schema-tools repository
  3. If necessary, make changes in generateContent.ts in schema-tools/packages/generate-coa-pdf-template/src/generateContent.ts and run npm run build. If generateContent.ts has been changed and built, copy the contents of dist/generateContent.js to the schema repository and replace the contents of generate-pdf.min.js in the schema repository with the new minified code
  4. For a new Release Candidate, add a new fixture (used for testing). See how to add fixtures here (opens new window)
  5. If there have been no changes in certificate-model, certificate-summary, extract-emails, generate-html, generate-pdf, types, utils, validate in the schema-tools repository, there is no need to update the schema-tools release.
  6. If you need to edit the html generation:
    • update /packages/generate-html/src/index.ts if necessary
    • new handlebars helpers go in the above file in the handlebarsBaseOptions function
    • add any new helpers to template.hbs in the schema repository if necessary
    • after making changes in a package in schema-tools, run the build script, then the root bootstrap script

# Release state diagram

Release state diagram

# Dependency graph

Dependency graph